Author Topic: New help/F.A.Q. being worked on for v2.0 - please send in questions.  (Read 4288 times)


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Ever pay attention to that insert that takes up a huge part of the admin home? You should. It contains news and info on FAS and related things. We are now working on making it even more useful. Starting soon, we are working on having a link to a help/F.A.Q. page that displays in that section. We might even be able to include some pics to help out. If you have a question that you think should be addressed in it, please forward it to me. I will be coordinating it. I will attempt to keep a running list of things addressed in it, or planned for inclusion in this post. I'm locking it though, so please PM them to me.


list so far:

How do I give a member game adder privileges?
How do I give a member blogging privileges?
How do I change the cache life length?