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Pre-installed games with V2.0!
« on: April 23, 2010, 09:11:14 PM »
V2.0 now comes with 36 pre-installed games and 6 cateogrys.
These are the following games:
Hoop Fever Live
High Speed Chase 2
Slugger Baseball
Trick Hoops Challenge
Monster Truck Trials
Street Rally
Bucket Ball 2
Portal the flash version
Sacred Seasons
Fish Story
Magic FIngers
Magic Pen
Make Me Over
Dress My Pet
Red Storm
Thing Thing 3
The Last Stand
Balloon Invasion
Baby Vs Spiders
Agony: The Portal
Arcuz: Behind the Dark
Neko Saga
Hero RPG
Battlefield General
Gem Craft
these are the categorys:
Life & Style

These games are only pre installed!! This is not considered a game pack!
If you want the games for your already installed arcade PM me and I will email you with query you need.

If you run the query it will overwrite any previously installed games with those ID's. My suggestion is if you really wish to install these games on your already installed arcade is to change the ID's to something that has not been taken already. So say your last game has the ID of "543" you should change the ID's in the query from 1 to 544 -> ascending.

Any questions feel free to ask (:

Again, big thanks to Conor over at Heyzap.com for helping provide some default games for us!
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