Author Topic: V2.0 rc3 is now in demo  (Read 5162 times)


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V2.0 rc3 is now in demo
« on: January 19, 2010, 07:14:28 PM »
Been getting requests to see a demo of the new version, soooooo.....

We just upgraded the demo to show it. We believe that it is fairly stable, and will not need much in the way of changes before the final release is made. There should be a surprise in the final release though so everybody should plan on snagging it when it comes out.

Also of note: we think that the files are stable enough in this version that we have already started coding on some of the features going into the next upgrade: a built in forum as per request(See? We do listen to you peeps!), the ability to ban a user, and some other more minor tweaks. That's not all we intend to add in, but we hope it's a decent start.